Inspirational Award

Inspirational Award

This award is given to an individual or group in the hot rodding and automotive hobby that is an inspiration. 

2022 - Anthony Schmidt. Photo journalist from Woodinville, WA.

Anthony Schmidt, a 14-year-old Woodinville resident with autism, captures stunning images of model cars against detailed backdrops. His pictures and techniques, using an iPhone, make the small vehicles appear larger than life - or like real counterparts - parked in interesting spaces.

2019 - Megan-Pettersson-Feret. Automotive artist from Washington. 

2013 -  Brenden Adams. Automotive artist from Ellensburg, WA

Since 4 months old, Adams has struggled with a rare genetic disorder that has caused him to grow too fast and way beyond average height. In fact, Adams held the record at one point for being the tallest teenager in the world.

Today, Adams towers over people at 7-feet 8-inches, but like many young men who are bitten by the car bug early, it's hard to shake a passion for a classic car; even when you're too tall to drive one.